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About Bella


Owner and Esthetician, Bella Yeager, started her career as a skin care professional and waxing expert in 2002. In 2011, she opened Wax and Whine, a small full body waxing and skincare studio in Addison, TX. She specializes in speed waxing, brazilian bikini waxing, brow shaping, chemical peels and advanced facial treatments.

Bella is passionate about her craft and a self-labeled waxing snob. "I am obsessed with tackling untamed brows, creating a perfect shape for your face, or fixing that $8.00 brow wax." She is constantly searching for the best wax with the purists ingredients. Since each area of the body is different and sensitivity varies from person to person, Bella uses several different types of wax in order to best serve each client's needs. Bella continues to be proactive in advancing her training and education. "My love for the beauty, skin care, and cosmetic industry can be traced to my childhood obsessions: Rainbow Brite, Madonna, and maybe a little Robyn Lively in Teen Witch. I was constantly playing with make up. If it was bright and glittery, I was in! Thankfully that has changed (mostly- a girl still has to have her glitter). However, from this curiosity, my passion for the industry grew, leading me towards my current focus on skincare and waxing." 

Great brows don’t happen by chance, they happen by appointment! Can‘t wait to see you in the studio!

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Please read before you book

1.  You're hair should be at least 1/4 to 1 inch in length

​2.  If you have aggravated ingrown hairs, waxing may not be for you.

3.  If you are using any topical medication, especially RetinA, it is important you discuss waxing with your physician.

4.  If you are pregnant please discuss waxing with your physician.

​5.  Bacterial infections are rare, but it can happen. It is important to keep the skin clean and dry post waxing service.

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